Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilians are the waxing service I do the most of.  Brazilian waxing is the fastest growing spa service in the country.  Once you get a good Brazilian there is no going back.  I say ‘good Brazilian’ because we’ve all heard the horror stories of bad Brazilians.  A bad Brazilian can be traumatizing.

 I blame bad Brazilians on a few things:  The first is poor training in esthetics schools.  A typical esthetics program is generally about 4-7 months long.  In those few short months students have to learn skincare, skin conditions and disorders, body treatments, product knowledge, make-up application, safety and sanitization, and waxing.  Typically, the waxing instruction in schools is minimal.  Too many schools don’t even train their students on Brazilians.  One school I know of simply shows a video.  Minimal experience means a dismal experience for clients.

 The other ingredient in bad Brazilians is bad wax.  There is a huge result differential between good quality wax and poor quality wax. Good wax is a little more costly, but substantially better.  Too many waxing salons cut corners on the wax product they purchase, resulting in painful, uncomfortable experiences for their clients.

 And finally:  Lack of experience.  Having a waxer with extensive experience makes a huge difference.  No one wants their Brazilian to take any longer or be more painful than it has to be.  I’ve heard too many stories about Brazilians taking over an hour to complete.  This is a nightmare for everyone involved.  Brazilians should take around 20 minutes, maybe 30, to finish. A waxer with experience knows how to work efficiently; they know how and where to lay the strips to insure a clean, minimally painful result.  They know how to chat and have fun in the room to take the client’s mind off the hair removal that’s happening, and they have the knowledge needed to educate their clients on what they need to do at home in-between waxes to insure great results every time.  

 In my years of waxing first-timers always say that the service was nowhere near as painful as they thought it would be.  They say the anticipation is much worse than the actual service and the results are totally worth the small amount of pain they experience.   So, if you’ve been thinking about trying a Brazilian but have been worried about it being prohibitively painful, you need not worry.  Give it a try.  I promise you’ll be glad you did.

 And please – Call, text, email, or comment with any questions you have!